The Fog - Andy On The Beach

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  1. May 19,  · By Andy Fillmore / Correspondent The hope is that it is more effective than wiping down surfaces because the fog can reach areas not easily accessible. The Palm Beach Post ~ .
  2. Andy’s babysitter, Mrs Kobritz, has instructed him to close all the windows, but once again there’s a ghostly knock at the door. Mrs Kobritz tells Andy to hide in his bedroom, and just as Andy leaves, she is brutally murdered by a group of waiting ghosts. As the fog seeps through the house, the knock arrives at Andy.
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  4. Oct 09,  · Disc 1: The Fog - Expanded; 1. A SIDE: Ghost Story: 2. The Journal: 3. Seagrass Attack: 4. Andy on the Beach: 5. Where's The Seagrass? 6. Stevie's Lighthouse: 7.
  5. The Fog is a horror film by John Carpenter (his first feature after a certain other horror film), starring Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis (and her mother, Janet Leigh), Hal Holbrook, Nancy Loomis, John Houseman and others.. The small coastal northern California town of Antonio Bay is about to celebrate its th anniversary. Among the town's denizens are Stevie Wayne (Barbeau), who.
  6. White/Green Coloured Vinyl g DLP Gatefold Sleeve John Carpenter’s follow-up film to his smash hit Halloween featured ghost sailors terrorizing a Californian coastal community as a dense fog descends on their homes.
  7. Plot – San Antonio Bay in California is preparing to celebrate its centenary. Offshore, a light fog envelops a vessel and the crew members are misteriously killed, then the fog approaches to the city. Stevie Wayne, the young radio announcer, sees it from the lighthouse and warns the citizens, but no one believes her at first.
  8. Andy On The Beach; Where’s The Seagrass? Stevie’s Lighthouse; Something To Show You; An Evil Plan; Weatherman; Walk To Lighthouse; Dane; Morgue; The Fog Approaches; Knock At The Door; Fog Reflection; Andy’s In Trouble; The Fog Enters Town; Revenge; Number 6; The Fog End Credits.

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