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  1. Jul 16,  · "Speed Metal Symphony," the first of two albums from Cacophony, a guitar-virtuoso combo of Marty Friedman and Jason Becker, is nothing if not a complete and total shred-fest from beginning to end. The boys can play, that is for sure -- and boy can they ever play/5(55).
  2. How to pronounce cacophony. How to say cacophony. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Learn more.
  3. cacophony (n.) s, "harsh or unpleasant sound," probably via French cacophonie (16c.), from a Latinized form of Greek kakophonia, from kakophonos "harsh sounding," from kakos "bad, evil" (from PIE root *kakka-"to defecate") + phone "voice, sound," from PIE root *bha-(2) "to speak, tell, say." Meaning "discordant sounds in music" is from Related: Cacophonous.
  4. The Cacophony Project. Every day, all around New Zealand, the dawn chorus tells us that our birdlife is one of our greatest treasures. Yet, New Zealand’s native birds are under threat from introduced predators such as possums, rats and stoats.
  5. Cacophony Is a Noisy Word Words that descend from the Greek word phōnē are making noise in English.
  6. Cacophony literally means harsh, jarring sounds--sounds that do not sound good together. In literature, cacophony is used to refer to words that have a harsh, jarring sound. Instead of the text being rhythmic or pleasant, the text is unmelodious.
  7. But Richard Bender's shout, ringing over communications circuits at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif., and triggering a cacophony of whoops, cheers and applause, was no mere commemorative back-slapping for an achievement of a past decade.
  8. There are several artists with this name: 1) Cacophony is a United States neoclassical speed metal/shred band formed in by guitarists Marty Friedman and Jason band also featured Atma Anur on drums and Peter Marrino on vocals, although the main focus of their music was the guitars.

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